M&F FLORAL + DÉCOR is a bespoke Floral Design and Event Décor Styling Studio servicing Milwaukee, and its greater area. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to source unique florals, and provide décor styling details that speak to our client's palette, and personal aesthetic. 

Our top quality floral compositions are created with intention; designed with love, passion, rhythm, movement, and harmony in mind.

We value artistry, and source thoughtfully curated styling props to add that final touch of "Je ne sais quoi" for a truly mind-blowing result; guaranteed to leave you and your guests aesthetically pleased and visually stimulated. 

Meet our Founder, Floral Designer & Event Decor Stylist 

Fanny M.

Inspired by the free-form beauty of florals seen in nature in the way they naturally grow, Fanny M. designs each piece with the intention to evoke/capture those same elements, movements, and emotions from nature to your event space. Her artistic vision is what sets her apart, as she creates striking yet soft designs that are artful, often whimsical, always timeless, and elegant.

Fanny M. has years of experience working for numerous Florists and Event production companies as well as hospitality groups before starting M&F FLORAL + DÉCOR. So she understands first hand what it takes to create magic. Furthermore, she won people's choice award three days in a row during her first year (2022) participating at Art in Bloom held at the Milwaukee Art Museum.




When asked Fanny M. about her design process, she replied:

My design approach is Wabi-Sabi which is a Japanese concept that means the beauty of things imperfect. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. It is a beauty of things unconventional. Floral design is both an art and a craft which I dearly cherish, and it is critical that my design evoke emotions, and tell my client’s story. 

"I want people to love flowers the way I do. Experience, and feel each piece I create."


Each design element is thoughtfully chosen with your style, and personality in mind...I love dainty accents, texture, and odd shapes. So when designing, I pay attention to the uniqueness of each stem, and let the flowers and foliage guide me by doing what they do best naturally. I believe that highlighting the nuances of nature allows each design to tell a unique story. 


When she is not designing, you can find her: Blogging about Fashion, catching a local live music show, dancing, lost in a museum, enjoying a succulent meal at a new restaurant, taking long walks in nature, checking out at a vintage shop, or spending time with her big family, and loved ones.

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